A POW Looks Ahead: The Last Domino

The era of “peace with honor” lasted only long enough for war-weary Americans to turn their attention to domestic problems. then, along with daily reports on steadily rising food and fuel costs, they began to hear of renewed Communist aggression in Southeast Asia. Even before the fall of Saigon to the Viet Cong, the Khmer Rouge had captured Phnom Penh, and the government in Laos was in a state of disintegration. The media, so adept at criticizing U.S. involvement in indochina, began taking a new approach: “We didn’t fight hard enough.” But the damage was done, and the unfortunate chapter of history could not be rewritten. ExPOW Plumb’s candid analysis of what happened and his insightful commentary on the present can be described only as disquieting. They are, however, recommended reading for all who are concerned about the future of Asia, America and the world.

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