US Naval Academy Alumni who were POW’s in Vietnam: 39

RADM Jeremiah Denton, Jr., USN (Dec) ’47*
VADM James B. Stockdale, USN (Dec) ’47*
LCDR Homer L. Smith, USN (Dec) ‘49
CAPT Allen C. Brady, USN (Dec) ’51
RADM Robert B. Fuller, USN (Dec) ’51
CAPT Charles R. Gillespie, USN (Dec) ‘51
VADM William P. Lawrence, USN (Dec) ’51
CAPT James P. Mehl, USN (Dec) ’51
CAPT Wendell B. Rivers, USN (Dec) ’52
COL George R. Hall, USAF (Dec) ’53
CAPT James F. Bell, USN (Dec) ’54
VADM Edward H. Martin, USN (Dec) ’54
CAPT Peter V. Schoeffel, USN (Ret) ’54
CDR Ernest A. Stamm, USN (Dec) ‘54
CAPT Edwin A. Shuman, III, USN (Dec) ’54
LCDR James Lloyd Griffin, USN (Dec) ‘55
CAPT John H. Fellowes, USN (Dec) ’56
RADM Robert H. Shumaker, USN (Ret) ’56
CAPT John D. Burns, USN (Ret) ’57
CAPT Leo G. Hyatt, USN (Ret) ’57
LCDR Richard Danner Hartman (Dec) ‘57
CAPT John S. McCain, III USN (Dec) ’58
CDR Dennis A. Moore, USN (Dec) ’60
CAPT Phillip N. Butler, USN (Ret) ’61
LT James J. Connell, USN (Dec) `61
CDR Charles D. Stackhouse, USN (Dec) ’61
CAPT Edward A. Davis, USN (Dec) ’62
CDR Paul E. Galanti, USN (Ret) ’62
CAPT David W. Hoffman, USN (Ret) ’62
CAPT John M. McGrath, USN (Ret) ’62
CAPT Michael P. Cronin, USNR (Dec) ’63
CAPT Wilson D. Key, USN (Ret) ’63
CAPT David J. Carey, USN (Ret) `64
CAPT Read B. Mecleary, USNR (Ret) ’64
CDR Aubrey A. Nichols, USN (Ret) ’64
CAPT Joseph C. Plumb, USNRR (Ret) ’64
CAPT Theodore W. Triebel, USN (Ret) ’64
VADM Joseph S. Mobley, USN (Ret) ’66
LCDR Frederick J Masterson, USN (Dec) ’67 

US Air Force Academy Alumni who were POW’s in Vietnam: 33

LtCol Jon David Black, USAF (Ret) ’59
LtCol Edward W. Leonard,Jr., USAF (Dec) ’60 LtCol Kenneth R. Johnson, USAF (Ret) ’61
LtCol Hayden J. Lockhart, Jr., USAF (Ret) 61
Col John Fer, USAF (Ret) ’62
Col Paul K. Robinson, Jr., USAF (Ret) ’62
LtCol Jerry A. Singleton, USAF (Ret) ’62
MGen John L. Borling, USAF (Ret) 63
Col Jerry D. Driscoll, USAF (Ret) ’63
Capt Ronald G. Bliss, USAF (Dec) ’64
BGen Ralph T. Browning, USAF (Dec) ’64
Capt Guy D. Gruters, USAF ’64
LtCol Kevin J. McManus, USAF (Dec) ’64
Col Thomas M. McNish, USAFMC (Ret) ’64
MGen Edward J. Mechenbier. USAFR (Ret) ’64
Col Martin J. Neuens, USAF (Ret) ’64
Capt James R. Shively, USAF (Dec) ’64
Col Donald R. Spoon, USAF (Ret) ’64
Col Leroy W. Stutz, USAF (Ret) ’64
LtCol Myron L. Donald, USAF (Ret) ’65
Col Howard J. Hill, USAF (Ret) ’65
Capt Lance P. Sijan, (Dec) USAF `65
Capt Wayne O. Smith, USAF ’65
Capt Michael J. Bosiljevac, (Dec) ‘67
Capt John P. Cerak, USAF ’67
Capt Timothy R. Ayres, USAF ’68
LtCol William D. Beekman, USAF (Ret) ’68
LtCol William A. Gauntt, USAF (Dec) ’68
LtCol Marion A. Marshall, USAF (Ret) ’68
Capt Charles A. Jackson, USAF ’69
Col James D. Kula, USAF (Ret) ’69
Maj William J. Reich, ANG, (Ret) ’70
LtCol Jack R. Trimble, USAF (Ret) ’70

United States Military Academy West Point graudates who were POW’s in Vietnam: 9

BG Edward B. Burdett, USAF (Dec) ‘43
Col Kenneth A Simonet, USAF (Dec) ’52
Col William D. Burroughs, USAF (Dec) ’55
Capt Humbert R. Versace, USA (Dec) ‘59
Col James N. Rowe, USA (Dec) ‘60
Capt Robert C. Jones, USAF ‘65
LtCol Richard C. Anshus, USA (Ret) ’69
Capt William Y. Arcuri, USAF ’70
2dLt Tam Minh Pham. ARVN (Dec) ‘74. Foreign cadet at USMA. 2dLt ARVN, POW 1975. Released 1981. Not on DOD lists

Prepared by:  NAM-POWs Corporation, a 501 (c) (19) fraternal organization for all POWs of the Vietnam War who served honorably.  

List does not have names of those killed in action or in war related deaths.  

Sijan, Homer Smith, Stamm, Connell, Hartman, Bolsiljevac, Griffin, Versace and Burdett died in the prisons of Hanoi.  

The ranks listed for these seven are for their rank at the time of shoot down.  Versace was executed by VC in SVN.  USAFA grads who were POWs in Desert Storm are:  LtCol. Thomas E. Griffith, ’79, LtCol Wm. F. Andrews, ’80; LtCol H. Michael Roberts, ’82; Maj Robert J. Sweet, ’88. 

(*) Denotes those who graduated one year early, June 5, 1946 due to WWII needs of the Navy.   Contact for errors or omissions.