Last Known Alive: The Search for Sergeant First Class Donald L. Sparks, WIA, MIA, POW

The call of loyalty and the call of friendship compelled author Arlyn Perkey to investigate the fate of Donald L. Sparks–a Vietnam veteran with the high priority status of Missing in Action-Prisoner of War-Last Known Alive. Intertwining his own story with that of his friend Don, Perkey offers a portrait of two naive Iowa farm boys, drafted, sent to Vietnam, and wounded when their squads were ambushed. One returned to the life he had imagined. The other suffered a fate obscured by decades of misinformation, withheld information, and failed communication fostered by bureaucratic protocols and unwarranted paranoia. Last Know Alive pieces together the story of Donald L. Sparks’ struggle to stay alive and return to his beloved Iowa home.

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