Everett Alvarez

 LHD, Honorary Degree
Law Degree, George Washington University, 1980
Passed the WASHDC Bar exam.

Ronald G. "Ron" Bliss

Law Degree, general practice in Austin, Texas.  Ron received his law degree from Baylor University in 1976. He was head of the intellectual property department of Fulbright and Jaworski until his death in 2005.

Michael T. Burns

JD, Univ. Indiana Private practice Sarasota, FL

William W. Butler

DMV, practiced veterinary medicine in Califoirnia.

Phillip Butler

PhD, Professor USNPS

Ronald E. Byrne, Jr.

PhD, Honorary Doctor of Science Degree from US Merchant Marine Academy.

Michael P. "Mike" Cronin

JD, General Practice of law in Maryland.  Represented APU, Washington, DC.  Georgetown Law School, 1994.

George "Bud" Day

Law degree, general practice between Korea and Vietnam.

Guy D. Gruters

Law degree, Georgetown School of Law

Porter A. Halyburton

 LHD, Honorary Doctorate, University of Rhode Island
LHD, Honorary Doctorate, Greensboro College
Professor of Strategy Emeritus, Naval War College

Carlyle (Smitty) Harris

JD, Current member of Mississippi bar  University of Mississippi Law school, 1981

Kenneth R. "Ken" Hughey

Law Degree, LA County Prosecutor

Robert C. Jones

Law Degree

Floyd H. Kushner

MD, U.S. Army Flight Surgeo

William P. "Bill" Lawrence

Distinguished Graduate Award, USNA

Roger G. Lerseth

PhD in Political Science from Boston University, Boston, MA, in January 2001.  Professor of Strategy and Policy, Naval War College, Emeritus.

Edward W. Leonard, Jr.

JD. from Univ. of Texas, Austin 1982. State Bar of Texas 1983 and Oregon Bar Association 1993.

Thomas M. McNish

MD, Emory University School of Medicine, 1978.  boarded” in Family Practice and Aerospace Medicine as well as being one of only eight “Dual Rated” Pilot-Physicians in the Air Force.

Edward Mechenbier

Georgetown School of Law

Joseph E. Milligan

DMV, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, 1979.

PhD, Nutrition and Physiology, Rutgers University, 1979.

Dennis A. Moore

Law Degree, California Western School of Law in May 2005.

Ben M. Pollard

PhD, Honorary Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 2012

Richard R. Ratzlaff

Law Degree

Herbert Benjamin Ringsdorf

MD, General Practice, Flight Surgeon, “Board Certified” in Family Practice

David J. Rollins

DBA, Doctor of Business Administration, U.S. International University, 1983.

Brian J. Seek

DDM, practiced dentistry 25 years USAF & 10 years in AZ (prisons). University of Alabama School of Dentistry, 1978.

William L. Shankel

MD, Bethesda Naval Hospital (general surgeon).  Board certified in surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.  General surgery for 20 years in various hospitals, Kauai, Hawaii.

JD, practiced in Washington state.  Assistant US Attorney.  Georgetown School of Law

Charles Everett "Ev" Southwick

D, Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco, CA (a University of California School), Class of 1976.

Donald R. Spoon, M.D.

MD, Washington University School of Medicine, 1978; Family Practice Residency, Eglin AFB, 1981; Senior Flight Surgeon.

James B. Stockdale

Distinguished Graduate Award,

Some bios report that he had 11 honorary PhD degrees, but they are not listed.  

Tom Storey

PhD, Honorary degree, Millikin University, Decatur, IL 1973

Robert H. Shumaker

PhD Electrical Engineering, USNPS, 1977

PhD, Honorary Degree, Westminster College; New Wilmington, PA, 1984

Distinguished Graduate Award, USNA, April 2, 2011.

Loren H. Torkelson

JD, Air Force JAG

Henry P. Fowler, Jr.

Law Degree from Sanford University

Deputy Staff Judge Advocate at Ramstein

Staff Judge Advocate at Maxwell AFB