Following is a partial list of Vietnam POWs who served in other armed conflicts.  We realize that the list is incomplete.  We ask your help in getting us the names of those who have so valiantly served the armed forces of the United States in conflicts other than Vietnam.  Send new or additional info to:


1. Private John W. Frederick, USMC. (missions).  Fought in Pacific Theatre, then served as Radio/radar/tail gunner in TBM torpedo bomber.  He flew armed recce missions over China (after WWII ended).

2. Flight Officer Richard P. “Pop” Keirn, USA Air Corps. 14 missions, B-17 co-pilot.  POW in Stalag Luft 1, 9-11-44 to 5-5-45.  Commissioned 5-17-46.

3.       1Lt Vernon P. Ligon, USA Air Corps. 26 missions, P-47 pilot.  POW in Stalag (Luft no.__) 4-22-44 to April 29, 1945.  Escaped once, recaptured (from newspaper account, but not in service records).

4.       1Lt Lawrence N. Guarino, USA Air Corps. 156 missions in Sicily, India, China and Indo China. (aircraft).  He recorded three aerial victories. Only NAM-POW member to fly missions over Vietnam during WWII.

5.     1Lt Hervey S. Stockman, USA Air Corps. 68 missions, P-51.  Recorded two aerial victories.  Later (6/11/67) downed in North Vietnam on his 310th combat mission .

6.     Sgt. James H. Kasler, USA Air Corps. 7 missions.  Tail gunner, B-29.

7.     2nd Lt.  John Peter Flynn, USA Air Corps.  Flew P51, 31st Fighter Wing.  In1945 he flew bomber escort missions in Italy until end of the war. 

8.     SM Richard F. Williams, Merchant Marines.  Saw action in North Atlantic.  Armed escort for vessels.

10, 11, 12, 13.  Harry Jenkins, Gordon Larson and Konnie Trautman were 17 year old aviation cadets when WW II ended.  Norman Gaddis served, but not in combat. Flight Officer (F/O) Laird Guttersen was in  B-25 pilot pool but did not fly missions.

14.     PFC Kenneth Simonet, USMC. 1942-45 in SW Pacific.  1st Marine Raider Batt., 4th Marine Reg.  Later graduated from US Military Academy.  

15.     2nd Lt.  James Bean, USA Air Corps. 41 missions, P-47, France and Germany.

16.     PFC and Corporal Geo “Bud” Day, WW II 30 months So. and Central Pacific, April 42-Nov 45.

17.     1Lt Edward B. Burdett flew P-38s and the F-5 (unarmed Recon version of the P-38 Lightning) in the China-Burma-India Theatre in 1944-1945.  He flew combat recon missions over Japanese held areas of China and French Indo-China.  Records do not state how many missions he flew.

18.     Petty Officer 3rd Class, James Lowe, USN, 1943-45.  Del Monte NAS, California.  He was in training for electronics. Hooked rides in Navy torpedo bombers).

19.     1Lt Robinson Risner, USA Air Corps.  Flew P-39s, stationed in Panama 1944-45.

20.     2Lt Lawrence R Bailey, USA Air Corps.  Flew B17 and B29 as bomber pilot (missions?).  Participated in the bombing of Tokyo.  

21.     1st Lt Phillip Manhard, USMC.  Wounded in Okinawa.  Held by Chinese in Pusan right after Mao took over.  He was the acting Ambassador while the Ambassador was in Tokyo with General MacArthur.

22. (Rank) John J. Pitchford, (service) was serving in a training assignment and missed combat.  

23. (Rank)  Richard F. Williams, U.S. Merchant Marines, last month of WWII.

24. (Rank..probably Seaman) James F. Low, USN.  Served in the South pacific where he was in the Battle of Okinawa.  Went to the Air Force Aviation Cadet program, graduated.  

25.        (Rank…probably Petty Officer).  Bill Franke joined the Navy in 1944 for the aviation cadet program. Discharged in 1946.  Got his commission in 1948.

26. Seaman 1C Jim Lamar Joined the Navy in 1945 for the Aviation Cadet program…was sworn in on May 8, 1945 (V-E Day) and was sent to La Tech for preliminary college (same as Bill Franke, only a year later, we discovered as cell-mates in Hanoi), Program ended after V-J Day, Lamar went to Navy Boot-camp, discharged in 1946, stayed in Naval Reserves, went to college and joined AF aviation cadet program in 1948, pilot wings and commission in 1949.

27. Seaman Recruit Robert Byron Fuller enlisted in the Navy while in high school in 1945.  He was assigned to the USS Waldron. He received an appointment to the Naval Academy graduating in 1951.

28.     Seaman Norman J. Brookens


1.       Captain  John P. Flynn, USAF. 118 missions, F-80, 49th Fighter Wing. 

2.       Corporal Richard E. Bolstad, USMC. 9-15-50, Inchon landing.  Wonson landing.  Chosin reservoir.  Served in Korea 1950-52.

3.       Capt.  Norman C. Gaddis, USAF. 10 escort/reccon/support missions, F84G.

4.       Capt/Major Robinson Risner, USAF. 108 missions, F-86.  Mig Ace with 8 kills. 336 FS, 4 FW.

5.       1Lt James H. Kasler, USAF. 101 missions, F-86.  Mig Ace with 6 kills.

6.       Ens./Lt.(jg) Howard E. Rutledge, USN. 200 missions, F9F2.  Flying Midshipman.

7.       Gunnery Sgt. (E-7) John W. Frederick, USMC. F7F Tiger Cat (rear cockpit).  Early Radar A/C.  Later flew the EF-10B, F3D Skynight “DRUT” and F4B. Worked on AWG-9 and the F111B from mid 63 until late 65. Died of malaria shortly before 1973 release, NVN.  Rank: W-4 when shot down in Vietnam.  

8.        Lt. (jg) Leo T. Profilet, USN. 98 missions, AD4.  

9.        1Lt Theodore W. Guy, USAF. 101 missions, F-84.

10.      Lt.(jg) Harry Jenkins.  Served aboard USS Fred T. Berry, DD-141, off Korean coast.  Flying Midn.

11.      1st  Lt. Fred V. Cherry, USAF. 51 missions, F84G.

12.      1st Lt. Konrad W. Trautman, USAF. 20 missions, F-84G.

13.      1Lt Thomas H. Kirk, USAF.  Flew F86. (missions)

14.      1Lt Richard A. Dutton, USAF. 59 missions, F-86.

15.      Major Larwrence N. Guarino, USAF.  Air Defense alert missions, (aircraft)

16.      1Lt James L. Lamar, USAF. 100 missions, F-80 and F-51.

17.      Pvt E-2 Richard F. Williams, USA.  Enlisted 4-27-53.  Died 9/68 in SVN POW camp.

18.     2nd Lt.  Ernest C. Brace, USMC. 100 missions in AD-2,3,4 and 4NL.  He was the first combat pilot to fly 100 missions in Korea.  Also flew AD-2 Skyraiders with VMA-121.  Shot down near Wonson,   North Korea, Nov. 7, 1952.  Rescued out of surf by USS Kidd, a Navy destroyer.

19.      Ens. Wendell B. Rivers, USN.  Served on a destroyer off the coast of Korea.

20.      1Lt. James F. Low, USAF (not a member of NAM-POWs), was an Ace, downing 9 Mig-15s while flying the F86.

21.      Lt (j.g.) Walter E. Wilber (not a member of NAM-POWs), flew night missions jun the A1D  Sky Raider (night missions) with VC-3 Det., USS Philippine Sea. He was the youngest Naval Aviator to fly in the Korea War.

22.      2nd  Lt Laird Guttersen, USAF. 60 missions, F-51 Mustang.  Awarded DFC for sinking a large freighter on one of his missions.

23.      Ens. Verlyne Daniels, USN.  45 missions, AD-4, March-August 1953. VA-155.

24.     1st Lt. Ben Purcell, USA, 4/51-5/52, 7th Infantry Division and Aide to X Corps Commander. 

25.      2nd Lt, 1st Lt Sam Johnson, USAF.  62 missions, F-86, 16th FIS, 51st FIW at K13 (Suwon, Korea,   1953-54).  1 Kill, 1 probable, 1 damaged….against MiG 15s.  Instrument instructor, T-33.

26.     1Lt Ron Byrne, USAF.  75 missions in F86.

27.     1Lt Ray Merritt, 100 Missions, F-84, 49th Tac Fighter Group.  

28.     1st. Lt. Geo. “Bud” Day, USAF, 2 tours Air Defense F-84s, radar tracking missions vs. Soviet radar Vladivostok Bay and soviet coast.

29.      AM1 Jack Rollins, USN.  Metalsmith in VC-61 (F9F2P Panthers and later F2H2P Banshees), USS Valley Forge. Also TAD to VMCJ1 with the Marines.  Total time in Korea waters, Sept 51- Jul52.

30.      A2C, USAF Jim Gough.  20 missions, Douglas B-26, as a gunner.  Jan-Sep 1953.

31.      Others served “during” the Korea War, but circumstances did not allow them to enter the combat theater.  Jim Stockdale, Jerry Denton, Tom Sterling, Brian Woods, Al Brady, and Chuck Gillespie.  Bill Lawrence, flying F2H-3’s in VF-193 and By Fuller, flying F9F-5’s in VF-192 were aboard the U.S.S. Oriskany in September 1953.  All missions were below the DMZ and not counted as combat flights.

31.      E5 Lew Meyer, USA served in Korea late 51 as an E-3 and left in Aug. 53 as an  E-5.  Attached to the 301st. Eng. Utility Detachment, 8th. Army Fire Dept.

32.      Captain Larry Bailey, USA flew as an observation pilot in Korea.  (Missions, aircraft?)

33.      (Rank) Charlie James, USN, 64 missions in North Korea.  (A-1 Skyraider).  

34.     (rank) Joe Kittinger, USAF, 333 missions.  (aircraft).

35.     (Rank) Francis Quinn, USA.  Also enlisted in the U.S. Navy from 1946 to 1948.

36. Lt (jg) Kenneth Cameron flew (…) combat missions with Fighter Squadron 151 off the aircraft carrier USS Boxer (in ……) type aircraft.

37. (rank) John J. Pitchford, USAF missed combat.  He was serving in a training assignment.

38.  Seaman Apprentice E2 Richard D. Mullin, USN. Received Navy Wings in 1954.

39. (Rank) Tom Storey.  “Joined 183rd guard while in college during Korean War.  In pilot training when war ended. Returned to 183rd, flew F-51, F86E, and F84F while teaching at Millikin U, Decatur, IL.  Recalled to active duty during Berlin Crisis in 1961

40…..Norman J. Brookens, USA enlisted.

41      2Lt Norris Overly, USAF.  Crewmember of B29, Korea, 1952-53.

42…., Ray Schrump. Enlisted, Army., Severely wounded in Korea. Commissioned 1958.

Cuban Missile Crisis (1961):

1.      Captain Kenneth Simonet, USAF.  (missions & aircraft).  Awarded Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

2.     Captain Jerry Coffee….(missions & aircraft) info to be determined. 

3.     1Lt Ed Atterbury….RF101 reconn missions over Cuba.

Desert Storm (Iraq):

1.       Col.  David E. Baker, USAF. 20 missions, F15E Strike Eagle.

2.       Col.  Richard H. McDow, USAF. 42 missions, A-10.  Squadron Commander, 335th Fighter Squadron..

3.       LtCol Thomas J. Hanton, USAF. 6 missions, E3 AWACS. 8 missions, EC-130H “Compass Call.”  J3 (Air) for JTF Proven Force.  Incirlik AB, Turkey.  AOR north Iraq.

4.       LtCol Richard C. Brenneman, USAF. Ten C-141 support missions to Desert Storm.

5.       Col James D. Kula, USAF. 60 missions, F-16.  Following Desert Storm, Jim patrolled the AOR no fly zone 1992-94.  It was a combat zone.  Jim was the CV/CC or 7440 CW at Incirlik AB, Turkey.

6.       Capt. Tom Latendresse, USN, Chief of Staff, Commander Cruiser Destroyer Group Three, Nimitz Battle Group.

7.       Col Bill Byrns had 4 F-16C missions in Desert Storm.

8.       CSM Frederick H. Crowson, USA, participated in Desert Storm as a Command Sgt Major with the 1/58th AVN Regiment.  (missions, aircraft? for 3 Air Medals with Combat “V”).

9.       Capt Joseph Mobley was CO of the USS Saratoga during Desert Storm

Urgent Fury (Grenada):

1.       Major Richard C. Anshus, USA.  Special Operating Forces. 7th man on ground for invasion.

Iraq War…..Winter 2003…continuing as of November 2007: There were two NAM-POWs recalled to serve during the current Iraq conflict.  

1.      MGen Ed Mechenbier, USAFR is Mobilization Assistant to the Commander AFMC/CR DSN 787-4227.  Ed Flew C-141s.  Retired 30 June 2004.  Ed was the “last man standing” as a NAM-POW still in uniform.  In June, 2004 he flew the Hanoi Taxi to Hanoi to bring back repatriated MIA remains.  The Hanoi Taxi retired in 2006.

2.      Col Charlie Brown, USAFR was at Westover ARB MA.  Position: 439 Airlift Wing Logistics Group Commander.  Charlie retired early in 2004.