Many former POW’s went on to serve in as politicians in the US or held prestigious positions in Institutions such as the Naval Academy or FTC.

Here are some of their notable achievements

Orson Swindle

After retiring from the Marine Corps, Orson served in the Reagan Administration from 1981 to 1989, which included service as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development. He was national spokesperson for Ross Perot’s presidential campaign in 1992, and became the first national leader of United We Stand America. In 1993, he helped form Empower America. Orson was the Republican candidate for Congress in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District in 1994 and 1996. He served as a Commissioner on the Federal Trade Commission from December 1997 to June 2005, and later served on John McCain’s Presidential Campaign in 2008.

Jerry Denton

Jerry Denton served as Senator of Alabama, one term, 1980-1986.

John McCain

John McCain served in AZ two terms as Congressman, 1st District, 1982-1986.  Served six terms as Senator 1987-2018.  Died in office 2018.  John McCain also ran as a Presidential candidate, lost to President Obama, 2008.

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson served as 3rd district Congressman, Texas.  Elected 12 times.  Served 1991-2019. Retired 2019.  Credited with 1 Mig kill in Korea.  USAF 1951-1979.

Joe Kernan

Joe Kernan was a successful businessman as well as the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana winning three elections1/3/88 to 13/97. He served as Governor of Indiana, 9/13/03 to1/10/05 and Lt Gov 1/13/97 to 9/13/03 (As Lt Gov, he replaced the governor who died). 

Richard E. Smith, Jr.

Gene served as Executive Director of the Golden Triangle Regional Airport from 1979 to 1999, National President of the Air Force Association from September 1994 to September 1996, and National Chairman of the Board of the Air Force Association from September 1996 to September 1998. 

James B. Stockdale

James Stockdale next served in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations as Deputy Director of Strategic Plans, Policy, Nuclear Systems at the Pentagon from April 1976 to October 1977, followed by service as President of the Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island, from October 1977 until his retirement from the Navy on September 1, 1979. In 1992 Admiral Stockdale ran as Ross Perot’s Vice Presidential Cadidate of the Reform Party