2nd Lt. Stephen Leopold was Vietnam MIA for almost 5 years before his release

POW Camp 101 is what it was called. The camp was a hell hole located 20 miles outside Hanoi, North Vietnam. It’s where 100 American MIAs languished during the Vietnam War and nobody in the United States knew they were there.

A group of a dozen or so MIAs captured in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam by the North Vietnamese Army were marched from Cambodia to Laos and driven from there at night by truck to Camp 101 on Christmas Day 1968. 2nd Lt. Stephen Leopold, a Stanford Phi Beta Kappa, and a Special Forces Green Beret was one of the captives.

“I was put in solitary confinement in a black washed room for eight months and only let out to clean out my crap bucket and to splash a little water on my face at the cistern,” the retired Vietnam vet explained. “Then they’d march you back and you’d sit on your bunk in the dark.

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