3 Freed P.O.W.’s Return; Dispute Flares Over Leave (Ed Elias,

The three American pilots freed by North Vietnam and their escort of antiwar leaders arrived from Copenhagen last night at Kennedy International Airport, and the three — after a 25‐minute shouting match aboard the parked Scandina vian Airlines System plane— were taken by Defense Depart ment officials to military hos pitals.

The dispute broke out shortly after the pilots were greeted by a high‐ranking delegation of military men, headed by Dr. Roger E. Shields, the chief Pen tagon specialist for prisoner affairs.

Lieut. (jg.) Mark L. Gartley of the Navy, who was accom panied on the four‐day trip from Hanoi by his mother, Mrs. Minnie Lee Gartley, objected to a demand that he travel un der military escort to St. Albans Naval Hospital in Queens for medical check‐up.

The lieutenant informed mili tary officials during a stop in Moscow Wednesday that he wanted at least two days to visit with his family before rejoining the service. Lieutenant Gartley was initially captured by the North Vietnamese in August, 1968.

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