3 P.O.W.’S ADMIT TALKING TO FOE (Coker, Mehl, McLeary)

Three Navy airmen told yesterday of having given information under torture to the North Vietnamese. But each said he had been able to offer some, resistance and none seemed in any way apologetic.

“I would say I did not break,” said Capt. James P. Mehl of Hauppauge, L. I., a squadron executive officer who was shot down on May 30, 1967. Although he had back and leg injuries, he said, he was tortured with “ropes, nylon straps, jumbo bars on the ankles and wrist locks.” He said he had never lost his will to resist, but then added:

“I didn’t resist completely., I gave in on certain propaganda statements.”

Lieut. Comdr. Read B. Mecleary of Old Greenwich, Conn., who was shot down four days before Captain Mehl, said he had been tied with nylon straps “to the point of extreme pain” and left that way

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