49 More Americans Free; One a Prisoner Since ’65 (Walter M. Stischer)

The Communists freed 49 more American prisoners in Hanoi yesterday, including a charter pilot held since 1965, one of the civilian American prisoners held Iongest by the Vietcong.

Also among the men freed were nine Americans and Canadian missionary captured in Laos.

Two big flying hospitals brought the men from the North Vietnamese capital to Clark Air Bate, the first stop on their‐trip home.

The 10 prisoners of the Pathet Lao arrived first, in midafternoon. The 40 other Americans, who had been prisoners of North Vietnam, landed three hours later.

Along with 27 American servicemen and 5 civilians released by the Vietcong in Hanoi Tuesday and 67 prisoners to he freed, today, they are the last prisoners to be released by the Communists under a repatriation program that began Feb. 12.

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