An Indomitable Spirit (Bernard Talley)

What’s the measure of a man? Is it how he handles power or where he stands in moments of great challenge and despair? The Bible says God measures a person by their heart (1 Samuel 16:7), not their position, wealth, looks, education or success. The heart of a person is their character, courage and spirit.   

Bernard L. Talley Jr., C’62, made friends easily. His childhood nickname “Bunny” stuck with him throughout his life. A graduate of Loyola High School in Towson, Maryland, and Mount St. Mary’s College, Talley earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. According to a local Star-News staff writer, “Talley was winning friends easily as he drove around town in a 1957 pink Chevrolet. He bought the car for practically nothing from this next-door neighbor, Mrs. Elizabeth Hasenkamp, who said ‘I took $1,000 off the price. He was just the politest young man.’” Talley had an early zest for life. 

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