Burer was POW in Vietnam almost 7 years (Arthur Burer)

Arthur Burera retired Air Force colonel who was shot down over North Vietnam in 1966 and spent 83 months as a prisoner of war, has died.

The highly decorated war hero, who was held for a time in Hanoi with a pilot named John McCain, was 77. Burer had Alzheimer’s disease.

Well-known in San Antonio’s MIA and POW communities, Burer spoke openly about his experiences in Vietnam over the years. In his honor, members of Randolph AFB’s 560th Flying Training Squadron will do a flyover during his burial at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery on Monday.

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In 1971, COL Wells returned to Vietnam for a second deployment. This time, he commanded the 4th MI Battalion, (Provisional), 525th MI Group, US Army Pacific.

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