Faith, Re-birth ofFreedom, and Pride (Ralph Browning)

I was stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines in February 1973. I was fortunate to be able to
witness the return of the POW’s as they were brought to Clark Air Base from Hanoi after release from
various camps across the country.
There were seven dates in February and March 1973 when 590 of the POW’s were released. A June
1973 issue of AIRMAN, published by the Secretary of the US Air Force, captures the story of those who
were ‘escorts’ assigned to the servicemen as they arrived at Clark Air Base Hospital for their physicals,
debriefing and rest.
At least two books were cited in the source I used for this summary. “We Came Home” was written in
1977 by F.A. and B.P Wyett. A second text was “Homecoming II” published in 1990. The excerpts on the
website, the, included audio recordings following the release of the personnel,
military unit data (after action reports) and death certificates. web site. There are over 500 POW names
listed on the website. I selected names who were released on February 12, 1973 that arrived at Clark Air
Base and included excerpts from their narratives that commented about faith and how it sustained
them during their captivity. Narratives are either in first or third person.

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