Former POW/MIA recognized for their service (James Gough)

Soldiers who fought in World War II, Vietnam and Korea were recognized for service to the country.

The local VFW district number 11 puts on this POW, MIA recognition day annually.

A table was set up with one red rose in a vase to remember the soldiers who are still missing in action.

James Gough was flying out of Guam in a B-52 when his plane was struck.

“We were hit by a surface to air missile just before we were released over Hanoi. Bailed out, was captured. Spent a relatively short time in the prison camps there. Only 90 days and then was released,” Gough said.

Organizers tell action news they were pleasantly surprised to find out that a 95-year-old ex-POW drove himself to the event all the way from Hanford.

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