Roque Matagulay, Vietnam POW

Roque Matagulay born 3 Oct 1931 in Guam.  He was an E-8, USA. He was
captured 7/23/62 while on a mission for SVN forces in the south.  He was
exchanged for politcal prisoners 12/24/62.  He and his wife had 6 children,
2 daughters and 4 sons. He was held by the Japanese on Guam as a child in
WWII, He was an “Atomic Vet” and was also exposed to Agent Orange in
Vietnam.  He spent 20+ years in the Army and then 19 years in the postal
service.  His last Army tour was as the NCOIC of a training academy in the
Korean DMZ when the Pueblo crew was released. He was the first Army POW to
go to Pensacola for medical care. Despite multiple medical problems he was a
happy and cheerful man.  He passed away December 29, 1999. He was buried at
Arlington January 12, 2000.

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