The Unsavory Truth: Stories from Frederick Crow ’51, Vietnam War POW and American Hero

Today I shook the hand of my alma mater’s most decorated alum.

Was it Bill Nye ’77? Bill Maher ’78? Maybe Keith Olbermann ’79?

Well it couldn’t have been any of these celebrities, because they’ve never filled a room with less than 10 people delivering a keynote address.

So it had to have been a veteran.

If you’re still lost on who it might have been, allow me to share you a brief history lesson our education system never provided you with.

This afternoon, the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha – Beta Theta Chapter – hosted Cornell Alum, and Pi Kappa Alpha brother, retired US Air Force Colonel Frederick Crow ’51 to speak at an open-to-the public event in honor of Veteran’s Day, and to pay tribute to an American hero who once spent time here on the hill.

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