Vietnam, 1964-1973:-An American Dilema

This bibliography was requested by the Department of History
for the 14th Military History Symposium, which will be held at
the United States Air Force Academy from 17 to 19 October 1990.
It consists of a highly selected portion of the U. S. Air Force
Academy Library’s holdings on the indicated topic. Included are
books, journal articles, government publications, and technical
reports; newspaper articles are not included.
To achieve a manageable length for the finished bibliography, it
was necessary to exclude works on the following aspects of the
Vietnam War: refugees, veterans’ adjustment problems, uniforms
and insignia, weapons and equipment, medical affairs, statistics
and casualty lists, and war memorials. Also excluded were works
of fiction, collections of poetry, and, with some exceptions,
personal narratives.
This bibliography was compiled by Mr. Elwood L. White of the
Reference Branch of the Academy Library. The manuscript was prepared
for the printer using Pro-cite bibliographic software.

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