Vietnam War POW to speak at Norton Air Force Base Museum (Raymond Merritt)

For US Air Force Col. Raymond J. Merritt, his accommodations in North Vietnam between 1965 and 1973 left a lot to be desired.

Merritt, a former fighter pilot, was shot down by anti-aircraft fire in September 1965 and held captive at a number of camps, including the infamous “Hanoi Hilton.”

Merritt’s nightmare lasted 7 1/2 years.

On Wednesday night Merritt will share the story of his capture and his long-awaited release from captivity during “Evening at the Museum,” the inaugural program in a series presented at the Norton Air Force Base Museum’s auditorium.

“Col. Merritt has donated all the memorabilia he collected during those years to the museum,” said Bob Edwards, Norton Air Force Base Museum president.

“He was shot down by the North Vietnamese and held until Operation Homecoming, Feb. 12, 1973,” Edwards said.

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