Why we remember (Jim Hickerson)

“On Earth as it is heaven.”

It engulfed his mind as he stood there dirty, hungry and in pain. He struggled to hold his hands up against the wall. His knees shook as he spread his feet wide and tried with everything inside of him not to move a muscle, as he had just learned moments before moving resulted in a beating. He focused on those words in the Lord’s Prayer because it was all he could do in the moment. It gave him hope that it would all be over soon.

More than 7,000 miles away, a tired yet determined woman watched adoringly as her three-year-old son interacted with a very well-known politician. The large banquet room is full of people she gathered together. She may not know every woman personally, but they all have the same story. Tears well in her eyes as her son pulls at the coattails of the familiar man.

“Governor Reagan, would you help bring my daddy home?”

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