Homecoming Gia Lam Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam, And Clark Ab, Philippine Islands, 14-19 March 1973

Shot card: ROLL: R36F-439 -HANOI -FIRST FLIGHT-14 MARCH 1973 Reel 8 1) CUs of Vietnamese people watching release ceremony. 2) Sequence showing returnees debarking bus, lining up, and stepping forward as their names are called: Lt Col H. C. Copeland, USAF; Lt Charles Zuhoski, USN; Capt Wallace Newcomb, USAF; Capt Carl Chambers, USAF; Maj Glenn Wilson, USAF; Capt Lauren Lengyel, USAF; Maj Glenn Myers, USAF; Maj Thomas Norris, USAF; Maj Thomas Parrott, USAF; Comdr Leo Hyatt, USN; Lt Wayne Goodermote, USN; Capt Leo Profilet, USN; Comdr William Hardman, USN; Maj Jay Hess, USAF; Lt Col Elmo Baker, USAF; Col Robert Sawhill, USAF; Capt Gerald Gerndt, USAF; Maj Charles Tyler, USAF; Capt Larry Carrigan, USAF; and Col George Day, USAF. 3) Col Dennett and DRV representatiTe signing off list of returnees. 4)Second busload of returnees debarking and lining up for release. 5) Returnees walking to Brig Gen Ogan as their names are called: Comdr Hugh Stafford, USN; Lt Comdr David Carey, USN; Col Bobby Bagley, USAF; Col Jon Stavast, USAF; Capt Gerald Venanzi, USAF; Lt Col Robert Barnett, USAF; Comdr Peter Schoeffel, USN; Maj Konrad Trautman, USAF; Maj William Austin, USAF; Lt Col James Clements, USAF; Capt James Warner, USAF; Lt Col Donald Odell, USAF; Col Dwight SUL1ivan, USAF; Capt Anthony Andrews, USAF; Lt Comdr Earl Lewis, USN; Maj Ramon Horinek, USAF; Capt Charles Gillespie, USN; Maj Richard Smith, USAF; Comdr Verlayne Daniels, USN; and Maj Robert Stirm, USAF. 6) First increment of returnees of second 14 March air craft walking forward and being greeted: Comdr John McCain III, USN; Lt Charles Rice, USN; and Col John Flynn, USAF. ROLL: R37F-440-SECOND AIRCRAFT- HANOI- 14 MARCH 1973 7) Capt William Butler, USAF, walking to aircraft with Lt Comdr Jay Coupe, USA Public Affairs Officer, then Capt Jeffrey Ellis, USAF. 8) CUs of Capt Hubert Walker, Capt Ronald Lebert, and Maj Keith Hall, USAF; waiting in line. 9) RVs of returnees walking toward Brig Gen Russell G. Ogan. 10) LAVs of returnees standing in formation, then stepping forward individually as their names are called–Capt Hubert Walker, Capt Ronald Lebert, USAF, and others (RVs – cannot identify). 11) LS of C-141A circiling Gia Lam, then landing to right. 12) POW bus driving to release area, POWs debarking; Capt Myron Donald, USAF, and Capt Laurence Writer, USAF, leading formation toward release point. 13) POWs being escorted. toward aircraft; Capt Donald; Col Laird Guttersen, USAF; Lt Col Jerry Marvel, USMC; Capt Lawrence Friese, USMC; Lt Comdr Dale Doss, USN; Comdr Edwin Shuman, USN; Col John Finlay, USAF; Lt Richard Tangeman, USN; Lt Comdr Giles Norrington, USN; Maj Terry Uyeyama, USAF; Capt Charlie James, USN; Lt Edwin Miller, USN; and Col Carl Crumpler, USAF. 14) RV of returnees being esocmted to aircraft, intercut with crowd scenes. 15) Capt Paul Brown, USMC, walking toward aircraft. 16) CU of Col Dennett seated at table with DRV representative, checking off names as they come forward – – Col David Winn, USAF, then Maj Joseph Shanahan, USAF. 17) CU of Vietnamese in crowd, then pull back to show release team shaking hands at end of proceedings. ROLL: R37F-441 – HAInOI-CLARK – 14 MARCH 1973 18) CU of C0l. Laird Guttersen drinking coffee. 19) Overall views of POWs aboard C-141A talking, reading, drinking coffee, talking to crew members. 20) CU of Lt Tangeman, USN, pinning up shirt of Lt Comdr Giles Norrington, USN. 21) LS down C-141A aisle, zoom in to Col Winn speaking over PA system, then walking down aisle and taking seat. 967′ Total footage in reel.

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