Vietnam Prisoner of War Major Joe Crecca

Major Joe Crecca, a Vietnam Prisoner of War, shared his story with airmen on Ramstein for POW/MIA week. Major Crecca was help prisoner in Hanoi, Vietnam for 2,280 days.

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John Fer Vietnam POW – Interview

Vietnam POW John Fer shares stories and insight based on his shoot-down, evasion, capture, interrogation, and internment in the Hanoi Hilton for 73 months. He was John McCain’s cellmate. Produced by Jarel and Betty Wheaton for Peninsula Seniors

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Prisoners of War Panel: Greatest Fears (Pt. 3) | Vietnam: Valor and Sacrifice Symposium

Inspiring stories of heroism and gripping tales of captivity of four Vietnam Medal of Honor recipients and four former Vietnam Prisoners of War. Each recalled their experiences and answered questions at the National Infantry Foundation’s “Vietnam: Valor and Sacrifice” symposium. The symposium was part of the dedication of the new Vietnam Memorial Plaza, featuring the Dignity Memorial® Vietnam Wall at the National Infantry Museum.

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