We Came Home: The Firsthand Stories of Vietnam POWs

In 1973, American prisoners of war (POWs) were released from the terrible prisons of North Vietnam. How did the men survive the years of solitary confinement and the brutal torture that was all too common?

After their return through the U.S. military’s Operation Homecoming, the POWs shared their individual stories in letters to the American people. These letters shed light on their faith in God and love of family and country as well as their commitment to America and its freedoms. They also tell of their unique communication system and their unshakable sense of humor, which was critical to their survival. With gut-wrenching honesty and raw emotion, the POWs even describe the horrors of their encounters with the cruel guards. These men returned home with honor; they are our heroes.

The compiler of this book, who is ninety-one years old, pulled together this patriotic project as a labor of love for future generations so they will know of the sacrifices these POWs were willing to make for this great country. With introductory letters from Bob Hope and Ronald Reagan, the 50th anniversary edition of We Came Home, including updates from the first 1977 edition, is a must-read for every American.

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