Monkey paw soup : and tales of drugs, thugs, revolution, & war

A book of non-fiction short stories. Captured as a civilian USAID/CIA pilot in Laos in 1965, Captain Brace spent almost 8 years as a POW in Laos Cages and Hanoi Prisons. After being released in 1973, Ernie Brace was back in Saigon in 1974 re-positioning aircraft and pilots to Peace Keeping Missions for the United Nations in Africa, and Narcotics Missions in Mexico. Over the next 20 years Ernie’s assignments took him to Mexico, China, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Russia. Ernie was inducted into the Oregon Aviation Hall of Honor in 2010, and recognized in a ceremony and press release by the CIA October 21, 2010. Ernie is the author of A CODE TO KEEP, the story of his nearly eight years as a POW in Laos, and Vietnam. 

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