A Hero’s Story at Christmastime: Colonel Roger Ingvalson

“It’s Christmastime, Poppy, and we want a story!”

“A story? Why don’t you play with your toys?”

“We want a story! We want a story! We want…”

“Okay! Okay.  A story.  All right, then, a story you shall have. What kind of story would you like, my children?”

“We want a real story!”

“A real story?  Well, didn’t you know that all of my stories or true, or could be true?”

“No, Poppy, we want a real Christmas story. We want a story about…a hero! A real hero, Poppy! Do you know any Christmas hero stories, Poppy?”

“Well, I…yes; yes, I do know of such a story. In fact, this hero has been very much on my mind since this past Christmas Eve.”

“ Did we see this hero on Christmas Eve, Poppy?  Was he at church with us when you served Communion?”

“No, my children.  Or, maybe I should say yes, he was with us more than he ever has been before.”

“What do you mean, Poppy?”

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