Hanoi Displays 6 Prisoners (Brown, Alexander, Wilson, Barrows, Simpson, Certain)

Six United States airmen, sonic of whom were said to be crew, members of a B‐52 bomber, were presented to the press here today. They were said to have been captured last night.

They were identified as Maj. Fernando Alexander, aged 43, and five captains, Robert Glenn Certain, 25; Richard Thomas Simpson, 31: Hal Wilson, 34; Harry Charles Barrows, 26, and Charles Arthur Brown Jr., 26.

The men were brought under military escort to Hanoi’s Inter national Club, where they were introduced one by one to news men, photographers and other invited personnel. The prisoners gave their names, dates and places of birth, rank and serial, numbers in front of an audience of 300 to 400.

Newsmen, caught up in the jostling crowd, were unable to question them.

All six seemed to be in good physical condition, al though two of them, Captain Barrows and Captain Brown, appeared to have been injured slightly in parachuting. Captain Barrows had a bandage on his head and Captain Brown was limping slightly.

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