Home to Crowd, Home to Quiet POW’s Returns to Cinnaminson, Alloway (Sima, Abbott)

HOISTING unidentified neighborhood youngster, Thomas W. Sima smiles returning ex-prisoner of war Air Force Lt. Col. he received in hometown POWs Return to Gnnaminson, Alloway Home to Crowd, Home By WAYNE PARTENHEIMER Courier-Post Staff Two former prisoners of war returned to their South Jersey homes in markedly M i JLav UPl-Courier-Post Telefax DURING press conference before his release from Andrews AFB, Air Force Maj. Joseph Abbott of Alloway says he opposes amnesty for draft evaders.

Abbott returned home Saturday. Best Package: POW Son EGG HARBOR (UPI) -For five years, almost every package Mrs. Benice Ettmueller sent her prisoner of war son Harry was returned unopened. Today she believes he will be returned with 33 other POWs. “I haven’t heard anything from the Army but his name was.

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