The Stunning True Story of Captain Jerry Coffee, a Prisoner of War for Seven Years in Vietnam

My friend Captain Jerry Coffee spent seven years and nine days in Hanoi as a prisoner of war in the Communist prisons of North Vietnam.

While flying reconnaissance missions over North Vietnam, piloting his jet fighter, Captain Coffee was shot down by enemy fire. After parachuting to safety, he was captured by enemy forces on the ground.

Sept. 19th 2014 is the day, the United States celebrates POW/MIA Recognition Day, where we take just a small moment of our self-absorbed day to reflect on the sacrifices our soldiers, airmen, and Marines have endured when they have been captured by the enemy. Today we don’t need to debate the age-old discussion about a justifiable war, a winnable war, when war is right because today we just need to reflect on the sacrifice and share our appreciation for those when they have been captured by the enemy. We’ll never know the pain, suffering and misery they have had to endure but at the least we can seek to understand and learn to appreciate their struggles for our country.

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