Wells speaks about time spent as POW (Kenneth Wells)

During 16 months spent as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, former U.S. Air Force pilot Ken Wells said the thing that sustained him most was his faith and acceptance of God.

On Friday evening, Wells spoke at Ohio Valley University before a group of students and visiting veterans about his experiences during the Vietnam War, including ejecting from his F-4 fighter and being captured by enemy soldiers a day later.

“I had a good foundation in my faith in God but that made it much stronger,” Wells said of his experiences. “I think it affects me even today and how I look at life and appreciate life and my family.”

Harry Ogletree, director of spiritual enrichment at OVU, said Wells spoke to the college’s students and staff Friday morning during the daily chapel program – along with Friday evening’s public program – to celebrate Veterans Day, which falls on Monday.

Wells spoke in the Roberts Chapel in the Stotts Administration Building on OVU’s Main Campus, sharing his experiences as a prisoner of war between December 1971 and March 1973 in Vietnam.

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