Nick Rowe – 5 Years to Freedom

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Meritorious Fireside Chat: Barry Bridger, Vietnam POW (January 28, 2021)

Hear from, and about the exciting life of, Lt. Col (Ret.) Barry B. Bridger, a six year survivor of Hoa Loa Prison, who was shot down by a surface-to-air missile over a North Vietnamese city in January of 1967. Ignoring international agreements on treatment of prisoners of war, the enemy resorted to mental and physical cruelties to obtain information, confessions and propaganda materials. Barry Bridger resisted their demands by calling upon his deepest inner strengths

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Vietnam POWs: A Conversation with Everett Alvarez Jr.

Shot down August 5, 1964, U.S. navy pilot Everett Alvarez, Jr was held captive for eight years and six months during the Vietnam War becoming the second longest held prisoner of War (POW) in U.S. history. Join the PMML in a conversation with Commander Everett Alvarez, Jr. (Retired) and discover how he not only survived captivity, but upon release resumed his military career, became a distinguished attorney, author, and entrepreneur, and is currently nominated for

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Surviving the Hanoi Hilton

There are very few people who embody the American spirit quite like Major General John Borling. The 35 year Air Force veteran was shot down in Vietnam and spent the next 6 and a half years in a prison camp. See how he found the will to survive under the most impossible circumstances.

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