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Gathering of Eagles Gen Jumper Award Presentation Capt Guy Gruters

On May 10, 2024, Capt. Guy D. Gruters (USAF-ret) delivered the Gathering of Eagles Gen Jumper Award Presentation at the USAF Air University. In his talk, Captain Gruters emphasized the importance of the Military Code of Conduct, sharing insights as a top-secret F-100F “Misty-29” Fast FAC (Forward Air Controller) and fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. He also highlighted the significance of the Son Tay Raid, the role of his personal faith, and the profound

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U.S. Veteran Describes Being Prisoner of War in Vietnam

During the Vietnam War many United States soldiers were captured and held as prisoners of war (POW). Many soldiers reported being regularly tortured, and some were used for military propaganda. This segment from Iowa Public Television’s Iowans Remember Vietnam includes archival footage and interviews with Iowa veteran Harold Johnson. Johnson describes his role as a military jet pilot, his experience being captured, his days in captivity and his eventual release.

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