Vietnam: The POW Experience (Part V) [2006 AVC Conference]

American Veterans Center’s 2006 conference panel on Vietnam: The POW Experience, featuring Col. George “Bud” Day, Maj. Gen. Edward Mechenbier, Capt. Jack Fellowes, and Lt. Col. Anthony Marion Marshall.

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Navy Captain David Carey On Surviving As A POW With Admiral James Stockdale (with Stoicism)

Ryan speaks with Navy Captain David Carey about his incredible experiences serving in Vietnam as a fighter pilot and being shot down and captured by North Vietnamese forces, how 2,022 days in captivity led to him embracing the teachings of Epictetus, why the community that he and his fellow POWs formed in prison saved them from depression, how he has been using his experiences to help others ever since, and more. David Carey is a

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Gathering of Eagles Gen Jumper Award Presentation Capt Guy Gruters

On May 10, 2024, Capt. Guy D. Gruters (USAF-ret) delivered the Gathering of Eagles Gen Jumper Award Presentation at the USAF Air University. In his talk, Captain Gruters emphasized the importance of the Military Code of Conduct, sharing insights as a top-secret F-100F “Misty-29” Fast FAC (Forward Air Controller) and fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. He also highlighted the significance of the Son Tay Raid, the role of his personal faith, and the profound

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