Lt. Colonel Jay R. Jensen’s “Six Years in Hell”

Lt. Colonel Jay R. Jensen’s “Six Years In Hell” Brandon Emerson AP American History Period five Due 10/21/96 The book I have chosen to read for this review is one entitled “SIX YEARS IN HELL.” It is a book written by one Lt. Colonel Jay R. Jensen in a first person manor. He was a military pilot who flew over Vietnam and was captured and taken as a POW. This book covers his time in the military before hand describing the daily procedures etc. of his military life. The author graduated from Jordan High School in Sandy, Utah in 1949. He then joined The Utah Air National Guard during the Korean war. Mr. Jensen was on active duty for 20 months, after which he attended Brigham Young University. He graduated with …show more content…

He was often tortured and after a refusal to say anything more than his Name, Rank, and Serial Number he tortured again and when it became apparent that he was not going to say any more they took him on a long journey to Hanoi where he would stay at the “Hanoi Hilton” which was an old French prison. The “V” (Viet Cong) referred to it as Hoa Loa meaning “Hell Hole.” He was later moved from Hoa Loa and into a place called the ZOO, a more comfortable and welcoming camp than the last, and was taken through many more moves after that. The rest of the story is told describing his tribulations at the “Hanoi Hilton” and is summed up at the end of the book talking about his return home and his hopes for the future including finding a new wife because his current wife had divorced him after his 5th year of captivity. While reading this book you actually get to feel what the pilot’s feeling and the pain from the tortures are quite evident and during the story about the tourniquet torture I almost lost feeling in my arms, that is how strong the descriptions were.

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